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meet Ico Sokolich.

So, I officially became an Aunty for the very first time around 5am Saturday May 12th.

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most epic raw food adventure today





i cut sugar

i gave up sugar 19 days ago and haven't looked back. to clarify, I have stopped consuming anything containing refined sugars..even such things as tomato sauce and certain milks. natural sugars i welcome with open arms and have made a natural date paste concoction to sweeten home-made sauces and salad dressings. since making the switch from a high-sugar diet to a natural sugar occasionally diet i couldn't feel more full of energy or be so happy.

my current inspiration:

for the most part it's very easy for me to commit because i had reached a point where i just didn't have a great relationship with sugar and was driven to make a bold CUT. now, i am really getting into trying out a few raw food recipes which call on natural sugar alternatives. tonight we have a dinner at friends which was the perfect occasion to take my new raw-food-banana-raspberry-tofu-cheesecake for a hoon.

i just had the most epic raw food experience that lasted almost 2 hours.